Project Summary

The Wider Objective of the project ensuring that the targeted Universities introduce pilot Doctoral Programmes in Engineering in line with the Bologna Process, according to 10 basic principles of Salzburg and Bucharest Forum.

  • Introduce a new Model of Doctoral Programmes in Engineering due to actual trends of Bologna process and needs of Labor Market
  • Establish cooperation between EU and target countries in education and research.

Specific Project Objectives include:

  • To develop, implement and accredit core and transferable curricula including ECTS to establish new structured Doctoral Programmes in target area according to requirements of Labour Market;
  • Develop innovative teaching/learning environment for Doctoral Programmes;
  • Bring the Higher Education Institutions of PCs closer to the Labour Market.

Principal outcomes and outputs are:

  • 8 new core and 3 transferable curricula developed/implemented/accredited;
  • innovative teaching/learning environment including Joint Web Platform/Doc Colloquium Rooms/Labs and Doctoral Summer schools established, equipped and open for operation based upon Master Classes and pilot operation conducted;
  • DLM Offices to support Researchers in Labour Market based on pilot operation in function.